A Leading Provider of Custom Calendering and Supply Chain Solutions

  • Sheet or Gum Stock Processes

    CSI works with gauges between 0.015” to 1” thick and can calender smooth or rough finishes. Our multi-pass technology helps prevent air pockets, blisters, and other cured deformities.

  • Friction Coating Processes

    If your product requires added textile strength, we use friction coating processes to bind the textile yarns or cord. Rubber is pressed into the material without impacting the overall gauge.

  • Skim Coating Processes

    For product molding or other applications that require fabric protection, we use skim coating processes. A layer of rubber is placed on the material which increases the overall gauge.

  • Wide Calendering Capabilities

    CSI calenders rolls over 80” wide. We focus on uniform consistency and have processes in place to ensure products meet expectations in width, gauge, weight, and texture.

  • Slitting Operations

    Our specialized slitting technology reduces waste and the risk of human error due to hand-cutting. Call us to learn how this service can improve your finished products.

  • Product Development

    Our technical understanding of rubber compounds and textiles provides high value calendering solutions. CSI’s team is ready to help you design, engineer, and trial your material.