Calender Operator (1st & 2nd shift)


Full Time  - Starting pay ranges from $17.00/hr-$19.50/hr  : 07/31/2022

Apply online at https://www.csicalendering.com/careers/ or in person at 1120 Commercial Blvd N, Arlington, 76001.

To perform assigned tasks and functions in accordance with organizational instructions, established safety procedures and ISO standards.  Monitor the production processes to ensure the final product quality meets the customer's specification and follow the production schedule instructions, operational procedures and the production Bill of Material requirements. 

Starting pay ranges from $17.00/hr-$19.50/hr. 

  • Operate 3-roll calender machine that presses rubber or fabric to uniform thickness and even finish.
  • Turns hand wheel or air valve to regulate pressure on calender rolls according to material being pressed.
  • Adjusts thermostat to set specified temperature for rollers.
  • Starts machine and guides material into feed rollers.
  • Measures thickness and width of material, using micrometer and tape measure, and adjusts pressure on rollers so thickness and width of material will conform to specifications.
  • Observes and adjusts coolant heating valves to control temperature of rollers.
  • Removes rolls of material from take-up roll.
  • Records width, yardage, and type of material processed on work order and attaches ticket to roll of material.
  • Change roll, using hoist and hand tools.
  • Other duties as assigned.

  • Knowledge of operating methods and procedures as they relate to their work center.
  • Displays a positive attitude and a strong desire to learn and grow.
  • Successfully completed all company training as required.
  • Be able to train and develop personnel in their work area.
  • Demonstrated ability to perform assigned job functions in a manner which will consistently meet quality requirements and production standards.
  • Works safely and keeps work area clear of potential hazards.
  • Deals effectively and cooperatively with established policies and procedures.
  • Ability to use and accurately read push gauge.
  • Ability to be certified as a forklift driver.