Testing & Quality Assurance

CSI’s processing experience and production capabilities reduce waste, improve finished product quality, and shorten lead times.​​​​​​​


Our suppliers recognize our mission of providing quality calendered material and effective supply chain solutions to our customers. They prepare material certifications and are held to strict quality standards in addition to on-time delivery. If there ever is a quality concern, CSI’s calendered products are lot traceable down to an individual roll of fabric and pallet of rubber which helps to resolve issues quickly.


CSI has access to standard testing apparatuses for both rubber and fabric. This includes but isn’t limited to a rheometer, densimeter, curing press, and more. We inspect every raw material that is CSI-supplied. If you wish to provide your own material for us to calender, or want to source directly from a rubber mixer or textile supplier and drop-ship to CSI, we can help you hold your suppliers accountable to delivering materials that meet your specifications.


To ensure your product is manufactured according to your specification, we test material when it arrives, while it’s processing, and before it leaves our facility. Calendering is a sensitive process, and the equipment and material require careful monitoring. We believe our quality practices make a top calendering operation in North America.


Our operators follow standard operating procedures to ensure the calendered material meets your expectations in every specification category. Depending on the sensitivity of your product or application, our quality team is happy to supervise the process and provide feedback.