Our Capabilities

We create high value opportunities for our customers with our product dimension capabilities, sheet stock capacity, multi-pass technology, process expertise in skim and friction coating, and slitting operations.​​​​​​​


CSI can supply you with material between 0.015” to 1” thick. We can also calender material at widths over 80” wide. Operators focus on uniform consistency and have processes in place to ensure products meet your expectations in width, gauge, weight, and texture.


The industry refers to calendered rubber without fabric or tire cord as sheet stock or gum stock. All of CSI’s calenders can produce sheet stock in smooth or rough finishes. If texture is critical to your product specification, our multi-pass technology allows for us to calender multiple thin layers to create an ultimate smooth finish. This process helps prevent air pockets and blisters seen in single-pass calendering. It also reduces waste due to cured deformities.


Friction coating is a sensitive calendering process that CSI has mastered during our 40+ years in business. It’s the act of pressing rubber into the material without impacting the overall gauge. The rubber reinforces the material and provides additional strength from binding the textile yarns or tire cords together. For product molding or other applications that require textile protection, we use skim coating processes. A layer of rubber is placed on the material which increases the overall gauge.


Our slitting team can trim rolls down to 0.5” wide using our specialized slitting technology. Calendering wide and using slitter equipment helps us lower the processing cost of narrow material. You can also benefit from reducing material loss due to hand-cutting errors.