Full Time Salary Range -    Application Deadline : 12/31/2021

Job Description


While we're proud of what we’ve built here, we're even more proud we created a company around people who love to work, collaborate, and grow together. You sense it on day one. This is a place that celebrates family values, a healthy work-life balance, and being an active neighbor in the community. This is where your work ethic and creativity are rewarded — all powered by unmatched CSI Calendering teamwork that pushes you to perfect your skills and grow your career. Each day, we prove that loving where you work begins with the people you work with.

Your responsibilites as a New Production Team Member:

  • Be willing to learn and adhere to CSI Calendering's established safety procedures from your first day onward for your own safety, as well as the safety of your team members,    because CSI’s a family business but also a business that’s a family.
  • Be willing to learn and respect CSI Calendering’s manufacturing process instructions as part of your ownership of product quality, operational efficiency, and waste reduction.
  • Accumulate knowledge of rubber product manufacturing and demonstrate the ability to ensure product quality meets customers’ specifications.
  • Perform in the best interest of CSI Calendering to help us sustain our growth.


Areas of accountability for a Production Team Member:

  • Actively participate and complete assigned training courses.
  • Comply with all established safety procedures and company labor policies.
  • Set up and operate all equipment according to company procedures, standards and work instructions as trained.
  • Complete all computer documentation and paperwork neatly and correctly as trained.
  • Support the company's continuous improvement initiatives as trained.
  • Perform basic equipment maintenance as trained and directed.
  • Maintain work area in a neat and orderly fashion.
  • Actively participate in company betterment activities.
  • Utilize opportunities provided by the company to develop one’s self.

CSI Calendering’s other non-negotiable standards include respect in all forms, believing in one another, loyalty to the team and company, commitment to building your career, trust, the courage to push through challenges, gratitude, and kindness.

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