Our Services

CSI’s turnkey solutions, calendering services, specification analysis, and product development capabilities will lower the total cost of sourcing your products.​​​​​​​


Nothing kills the timeline of your production process like having to coordinate with multiple suppliers. CSI stocks a broad selection of rubber compounds and textiles to provide customers with a more effective supply chain. We can reduce your raw material lead times in addition to your administrative expenses by syncing your design, materials, and calendering.


Want to supply your own raw materials for us to calender? No problem. Our industry experience and calendering capabilities are vast. Once your materials are on-hand, we’ll get your order scheduled and typically have it shipped out within five business days.


CSI provides both pre-calendering and post-calendering testing. Pre-calendering testing is the analysis of the rubber compound. Whether it’s customer-supplied or part of CSI’s inventory, the testing ensures the material matches your product specifications before processing. Post-calendering testing is the analysis of the calendered material. It confirms no scorching or hardening occurred during processing and that the material will perform as expected when vulcanized (cured).


Work with the CSI engineering team to design the most optimal calendered material for your operation. By engineering raw materials that will benefit from the calendering process, CSI delivers higher quality calendered material. As a result, our customers create superior finished products. We also strongly believe in creating partnerships through transparency. We not only provide will monitor your order and provide feedback each step of the design process, but also invite you to see your product running on the equipment.